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We can provide most anything you may need for your business. In addition to our liquidation
warehouse we also have a grocery warehouse, allowing us to sell to main stream grocery, while sharing the deals with smaller independent stores at large volume pricing.

In a world that often operates in the shadows.. finding
a good clean honest suppler in the secondary market can be challenging...   
We are interested in earning your business...and your trust......

We handle most major retailers by the truckload, we can build mixed and custom loads to fit your needs... Best price and best service.... 
                                  WE HAVE THE LOADS YOUR LOOKING FOR !!!

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tgt gm prime.JPG
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We have West Coast Premium Monster GM Loads Ready to ship

We understand when you buy a pallet or a truckload you not only want to make money, you have to make money! We only provide the best loads we can find in the business. We all know in this business there is an expected rate of throw away in every load. We help you in reducing it as low as possible. If you have already fallen victim of the many .com liquidators please give us a call, you will be glad you did!

We also provide 3pl (logistics services) we can give short term or long term storage, with in & out full service blind logistics

Due to larger demand than product availability Loads will not be updated on this page.... if you need product it is best to contact us by

phone or email

440-645-3466 - 

1 Pallet up to Half a Trucks
Full Truck Loads

AXI Wholesale & Liquidations

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